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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for SaudiArabia
Job ID IT JOBS#132
Location: Dammam, SaudiArabia
Required Skills:

Our client is a global engineering, procurement and construction firm specializing in the mining, power generation, petrochemical, processing, infrastructure and commercial industries. 


The company plans to recruit an experienced and well qualified Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for their Saudi subsidiary who will oversee company’s technology infrastructure and information systems.

Key Responsibilities:

The recruited candidate will be responsible for the following: 


- Manage technical teams consisting of existing IT infrastructure, Applications and the new software development.


- Develop IT policies and procedures and prepare Technology master plan


- IT strategic Planning, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and overall Program Management  


- Develop short- and long-term technology objectives in line with the long term strategic objectives of the company


- Continuity/Disaster Recovery planning to support critical functionality during crisis.


- Establish a user service and support process, with particular responsibility for web-based services that implement the support function.


- Review and critically evaluate technology needs and project feasibility based on management’s requirements, priorities and cost constraints.


- Identify important technology trends and industry best practices and formulate a strategy to effectively leverage them


- Communicate company’s technology strategy to the company management, staff, partners and stakeholders


- Define the company’s software development and implementation methodologies


- Establish a robust conformance and testing strategy for the development/delivery team 


- Formulate an enterprise-wide information security plan that protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the company’s data and servers


- Select and manage relationships with external vendors / agencies for hardware, software applications, outsourced development, data center, etc. to ensure the best service delivery and cost


- Participate in the overall strategic planning process as a member of the senior management team. 


Key Requirements

- A Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science or related technical discipline


- 20+ yrs experience in technology with at least 5 yrs in a similar role with a reputed company 


- Should have strong leadership experience and solid communication skills.


- Must have a solid software development and management background and is abreast with the latest technology advancements and best practices


- Exceptionally good team leader/player with very effective communication skills


- Demonstrated ability to envision large transactional platforms and business


- Expertise in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and experience building and scaling Enterprise business on SaaS models


- Good understanding of Open Source technologies such as LAMP and Java


- Familiarity with latest development tools, platforms and development and implementation methodologies


- Experience with Cloud Computing


- Understanding of information security standards, system vulnerabilities and risk management practices


- Exposure to business process reengineering, governance, management, budgeting, and administrative processes and best practices


- Experience dealing with external vendors / agencies for outsourced development 


Location: Dammam, SaudiArabia


Contract Type: Long term, Permanent