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MongoDB Developer for a Canadian company
Job ID IT JOBS#147
Location: Hyderabad, India
Required Skills:
Our client uses advanced testing methodologies and innovative strategies to help its clients across North America and Europe turn their marketing prospects into core customers faster and more efficiently .
Job Overview   
Reporting to the Program Manager, the MongoDB Developer works within the IT team, a department responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of all technology that is used by the company.    
Key tasks for the MongoDB Developer are associated with the technical specifications for document database applications using MongoDB, Couch DB, Cassandra, or any other document DB and their integration with Salesforce and Business Intelligence solutions.   Tactical emphasis is placed on the development and implementation process, API level programming, database modeling, database migrations, software testing methodology, and quality assurance.  
A successful MongoDB Developer is eager to dive into big data and architect/design for how data will be captured and stored. They understand that cutting edge technology methods and processes contribute to enhancing our company’s competitive edge and revenue potential.  As such they conduct their work with a hands-on approach, working to push the limit of what leading technology can offer and to uphold innovative business standards.  
We’re a good fit for creative and strategic self-starters, those with an entrepreneurial spirit who take their success and careers seriously and are motivated to make their mark within a high-growth company.  We have fun and support one another to achieve top results in our march to reinvent the customer experience in the eCommerce industry. The company is a virtual organization that places the most value on the work produced and believes that ambitious goals are achieved by happy employees who work in an environment of their choice, whatever enables them to be at their best.          
Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities  
- Convert business requirements into technical specifications for the design and development of document database applications (screens, forms, and other tools) using MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra (or any other document DB). Architect and design for how data will be captured and stored.  
- Lead the implementation, deployment, architecture, and interface design activities for document database application(s) and execute the completion of a packaged technical product.  
- Complete API level Object-oriented programming using the following Web Technologies: HTML, Javascript, Java, C+, CSS, Ajax, NodeJS, Ember, and D3 Charts.  
- Perform database modeling using jquery, JSON, JSP, XML, HTML, and JavaScript.  
- Perform Hadoop/MongoDB ETL processes, scheduled jobs, and DB migrations. Utilize Change Sets for migration of objects/metadata from one (development/sandbox) organization to another (sandbox or production).  
- Apply best practices for maximizing the benefits of document database application(s) using the most efficient methods.  
- Conduct unit testing, test code average, code review, and user acceptance testing.  
- Reduce the overall technical risk by uncovering design issues, sharing implementation best practices, and recommending solution alternative. 
- Administer all aspects of document database application(s) including security of data protocols using models in MongoDB and BigData API’s to meet ISO certification requirements. Provide ongoing maintenance and change management as new releases come to market to ensure the new features are effectively on-boarded into the organization.  
- Import and export data in by using Salesforce API and other tools.  
- Provide technical support to internal and partner teams around database functionality.   
Job Specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities   
- Technical Ability: Extensive working knowledge with MongoDB, ETL tools, and reporting packages; web application design tools; API programming; script writing; BigData solutions; Map Reduces.   
- Numeracy: Ability to write code using advanced math and reporting abilities with an understanding of statistical analysis.  
- Analytical and Logical Thinking: Must demonstrate logical thinking capabilities to efficiently develop standard methods and procedures for project delivery and coordinate quality assurance activities.  Able to approach tasks with a high attention for detail and accuracy.  Must be creative and resourceful to excel at finding solutions to difficult problems. 
- Effective Communication: Must demonstrate the ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively.  Able to verbally communicate effectively and professionally when interacting with internal stakeholders at various levels of the organization to provide technical support, brainstorm, and coordinate work; and also when participating in meetings with our partners. Professional communication includes delivering timely and clear project related updates.  Effective written communication must also be utilized for summarizing key recommendations related to each of our partner deployments and for documenting project methods and procedures.    
- Tactical Skills: Able to take direction and work effectively to implement job functions with limited instruction.  Highly organized to coordinate daily/weekly workflow and manage multiple projects. Able to effectively multi-task while continuing to prioritize goals.  Must demonstrate well-managed track records for meeting project time frames and ensuring tasks are completed on budget.  
- Business Aptitude: Advanced knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Methodology. Must demonstrate thought leadership on all aspects of document database implementation and administration.  Able to work as a team player to support relevant company initiatives.  Must consistently display maturity and company’s four core values of Dedication, Innovation, Professionalism, and Integrity.  
- Job Related Ability: Working from a home-office requires a separate and secure space where confidential information is stored and protected, a dedicated phone line for internal communication, and a quiet space to maintain a professional experience when interacting with stakeholders.    
Education & Experience  
- Post-Secondary Degree in Computer Science or other related discipline
- 4 years related work experience with NOSQL DB’s
Must have specific technical experience in: - MongoDB & Map Reduces - MongoDB ETL tools (Pentaho or similar) - JavaScript
- Candidates with the following experience will be given additional consideration: - Hadoop (or similar) - Programing in one or more of the following: jQuery, JSON, JSP, XML, HTML, JavaScript - API-level programming in Python, JavaScript, Java, or HTTP - AJAX web application development, browser compatibility issues - Analytics tagging and data validation.
Location: Hyderabad
Contract Type: Long Term/Permanent Placement