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Cloud Engineer
Job ID IT JOBS#297
Location: Singapore
Required Skills:

Our client is a leading business service provider in Singapore. The company is looking for experienced and full-time Cloud Engineer for onsite role in Singapore.


Key Job Responsibilities:

- Work with the solution architects to design and implement infrastructure services on Cloud platform. The candidate must be able to perform the following: 

- Network design – design subnets, routing rules and network-related components to support application transaction requirements 

- High availability - setup and configure cloud components and services to ensure no single point of failure at every infrastructure level 

- Capacity management and planning – devise mechanisms to monitor and capture system metrics and identifying potential bottlenecks at the infrastructure level. Develop formulas for capacity sizing to cater to load projections. 

- Security and access control – design IAM roles and utilize cloud native controls to meet security objectives and every infrastructure level and cloud services used. 

- Infra automation – develop scripts and templates to automate infrastructure provisioning and changes. 

- Network design - end-to-end configuration of network level components - internet gateway, proxies, firewall, subnet design, CIDR allocation, network level routing, cross VPC traffic options, VPN gateway 

- Security configuration - cloud native security controls through design of security groups, network access control list and IAM roles to create micro-segmentation based security. Secrets management, privileged access management (PAM), DDOS and WAF protection. 

- Infrastructure monitoring - cloud native monitoring options (e.g. Cloudwatch, Stackdriver), the OpenAPM stack (e.g. EFK) 

- Infra as code - developing scripts and templates using Terraform, Ansible to automate cloud infra provisioning and changes. 


Key Skills/Qualifications:

- Experienced in agile methodologies, DevOps pipelines, test-driven development, and info-security practices. 

- Able to work collaboratively with a high performance team and influence with positive energy. 

- Resourceful and able to work out solutions with innovative thinking and new tech. 

- Certification/experience with such as GPC, GCC (i.e. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) or equivalent cloud platforms will be preferred.


Location: Singapore


Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time