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Big Data Engineer
Job ID IT JOBS#295
Location: Singapore
Required Skills:

Our client is a leading business service provider in Singapore. The company is looking for an experienced and full-time Big Data Engineer for onsite role in Singapore.


Key Job Responsibilities:

- Perform data extraction, cleaning, transformation, and flow. Web scraping may be also a part of the work scope in data extraction. 

- Design, build, launch and maintain efficient and reliable large-scale batch and real-time data pipelines with data processing frameworks 

- Integrate and collate data silos in a manner which is both scalable and compliant 

- Collaborate with Project Manager, Frontend Developers, UX Designers and Data Analyst to build scalable data-driven products 

- Be responsible for developing backend APIs & working on databases to support the applications 

- Work in an Agile Environment that practices Continuous Integration and Delivery 



Key Skills/Qualifications:

- Proficient in general data cleaning and transformation (e.g. pandas, R, etc) 

- Proficient in building ETL pipeline (eg. Spring) 

- Proficient in database design and various databases (e.g. mongodb, postgres/gis, mysql, sqlite, voltdb, cassandra, etc) 

- Familiar with rest api and web requests/protocols in general 

- Familiar with big data frameworks and tools (eg. Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, RabbitMQ) 

- Familiar with W3C Document Object Model and customized web scraping (e.g. BeautifulSoup, CasperJS, PhantomJS, Selenium, Nodejs, etc) 

- Comfortable in at least one scripting language (eg. Python) 

- Comfortable in both windows and linux development environments 

- Experience in cloud technologies such as GPC, GCC (i.e. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) 

- Experience and passion for data engineering in a big data environment using Cloud platforms such as GPC, GCC (i.e. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) 

- Experience with building production-grade data pipelines, ETL/ELT data integration 

- Interest in being the bridge between engineering and analytics 

- Knowledge about system design, data structure and algorithms 

- Familiar with data modelling, data access, and data storage infrastructure like Data Mart, Data Lake, and Data Warehouse. 


Location: Singapore


Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time