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Onsite Manager (MIS)
Job ID IT JOBS#130
Location: Papua New Guinea, Near Australia
Required Skills:

Our client, a 40 years old company, is one of the largest privately owned manufacturing companies in Papua New Guinea. With over 800 staff, the company is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals manufactured paper & plastic products, cleaning and catering equipment to large private organizations across a variety of industries as well as Government departments & institutions.

They are looking for an experienced MIS Manager for their office in Papua New Guinea.The roles and responsibilities for the new role include:

- Analyze the information needs of the organization, and develop technology solutions to meet those needs

- Manage the information technology to ensure it supports the goals of the organization

- Provide consulting  to other senior managers and boards on IT issues and planning

Determine opportunities for improvement of current IT systems, and assess future IT needs by consulting with people at all levels of the organization

Develop and implement the IT policy and strategic plan

Manage the IT department/section/team, and work with them to oversee user training, integrate IT operations with business, control security aspects of the IT system and integrate or implement new technologies.

1. General Duties and Responsibilities

1.1 Planning and Reporting

1.1.1 Gains an overall understanding of the future direction of the business by understanding the Company’s Strategic Vision, Mission and key objectives together with the individual Divisional / Departmental goals and objectives.

1.1.2 Gain an understanding of the IT requirements for the business as a result of the above and develop an IT Strategy and Business Plan to meet those needs.

1.1.3 Ongoing liaison with both senior and line management on the needs of the Organization and the design / implementation of the appropriate IT solutions for those needs.

1.1.4 Preparation of an Annual Budget to cover both operating and capital expenditure (to include cost versus benefit analysis if required).

1.1.5 Provision of monthly reports as to progress against Business Plan / Budget and any key issues that management need to be aware of.

1.2 Management of IT Infrastructure 

1.2.1 Ensure that IT and Office equipment is suited for the required purpose and is available at all times.

1.2.2 Identify and recommend any hardware, including office equipment (Copiers, fax machines, time clocks etc), which may be required to meet the company needs and as provided for within the budget / Business Plan.

1.2.3 Obtain quotations from vendors in line with company policy on expenditure.

1.2.4 Evaluate vendor proposals for hardware purchases and make recommendations.

1.2.5 Oversee the Installation / configuration / maintenance of hardware.

1.2.6 Troubleshoot and resolve problems as required.

1.2.7 Maintain database of IT equipment including maintenance records.

1.3 Software Management and Development

1.3.1 iScala / Microsoft AX

The iScala software will be replaced by Microsoft AX in the near future – the tasks will initially be to set up a Project Team to manage the migration, then supervise the project with the ultimate goal of a successful set up and running of the Microsoft AX software. This will be covered in detail outside of this Job Description and in time the Job Description will be tailored in respect of the Microsoft AX requirements.

1.3.2 Attache Payroll Support / maintain the Attaché payroll system. Ensure that data access is restricted

1.3.3 Desktop Publishing / Web Design Support / Maintain desktop publishing (Macintosh Computers and software) Liaise with General Manager and web designers in maintaining and developing Company Web site.

1.3.4 Microsoft Office / Windows Ensure that all users are using the same / compatible versions of Microsoft Office / Windows Ensure all users are trained in the use of this software Ensure that all users are using a licensed copy of this software. Ensure that the Company retains on staff suitably trained / qualified support for Microsoft Office / Windows.

1.3.5 Other Software Evaluate vendor proposals for software purchases and make recommendations. Assist in negotiation of contractual terms and prices with software vendors. Supervise and/or perform detailed testing and installation of new software. Ensure all software licenses are up to date and the software applications are upgraded with the latest version.

1.4 Telephone Communications

1.4.1 Plans, manages and develops upgrades to fixed line telephone system on a company-wide basis Management of mobile phones in line with company policy Monitoring of costs on a monthly basis and making of recommendations as to areas of cost saving Ensuring that any abuse of fixed or mobile phone use is addressed in the appropriate manner.

1.5 Project Management

1.5.1 As a result of the requirements of the business there will be the need to bring specialists / expertise for certain projects, the ICT Manager will: Ensure that the Project is well defined with specific outcomes that match the requirements of the business Seek suitably qualified third parties to provide expertise as required. Evaluate their qualifications, proposals and costs Make recommendations to management in regard to third party support. Agree outcomes and deliverables including budget and timeline. Manage the Project Ensure Project is successfully completed (on time / on budget)

1.6 Data Security and Protection 

1.6.1 Develop and maintain quality documentation (including disaster / recovery) for systems and programs.

1.6.2 Ensure disaster recovery is up-to-date and tested regularly.

1.6.3 Ensure daily backups are carried out for all systems and stored off-site.

1.6.4 Ensure virus control is installed and updated regularly on all systems including lap tops.

1.6.5 Ensure all staff are educated and understand the virus policies for the company.

1.6.6 Ensure access to the Server room is restricted to authorized personnel only.

1.6.7 Ensure passwords are changed on regular basis.

1.7 Personnel Management

1.7.1 Ensure department has adequate staffing to meet company needs.

1.7.2 Ensure the support team is trained in the latest computer technology.

1.7.3 Supervise technicians, support staff and other assigned personnel as needed to ensure efficient and effective operation of computer systems.

1.7.4 Make staffing decisions including hiring, training, performance evaluation, and retention of assigned personnel. 

2.      Other Functions

2.1 Safety and Quality

2.1.1 Ensure proper understanding of evacuation procedures and routes.

2.1.2 Immediately report all breaches of Safety procedures and complete necessary

2.1.3 Incident/Accident/Hazard Report, and discuss with immediate superior.

2.1.4 Ensure high standard of housekeeping is maintained at all times.

2.1.5 Ensure all safety equipment issues are recorded in register.

2.1.6 Promote high standard of health and hygiene.

2.2 Personnel Development and Training

2.2.1 In conjunction with the HR and Admin Manager review training needs in relation to IT systems and design the appropriate training courses for all company staff.

2.2.2 Identify specialist needs and arrange specific training as required.

3. Qualifications Required:

3.1 Extensive experience and, where appropriate, qualifications in:

3.1.1 PC based and windows based applications.

3.1.2 iScala / Microsoft AX preferred / database applications

3.1.3 Microsoft products

3.1.4 At least five years experience in a commercial systems / IT management environment at  a senior level.

3.2 Skills and experience required:

3.2.1 Understanding of commercial issues driving business

3.2.2 Network Installation and Administration

3.2.3 MIS Project Management

4. Personal attributes:

4.1 Honest

4.2 Reliable

4.3 Work well under pressure

4.4 Ability to work as part of a team

4.5 Good communicator

Contract Type: Full time and permanent placement.
Location: International | Papua New Guinea