iRefer is a talent scout program to refer your friends for any of the open job positions with itForte.

For each candidate who is placed by itForte from the referral list with any of its clients, the referring employee will receive between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000 as referral incentive (subject to applicable taxes)within 60 days of the referred candidate''s start date.
Program Terms

Participation to iRefer program is open to anyone who refers another candidate for any open job position. All full-time and contract positions are eligible for referral candidates.
Referrals can be made only for the open job positions listed in the Hot Jobs section. The incentive will be paid for those referrals only, which are not already in itForte''s applicant database.
If the referred candidate is not selected for hire, he or she will remain in the database for the next six months and continue to be considered for other positions, provided the referral meets the other selection criteria.
Only one referral incentive will be paid to the earliest referrer. In the case of a multiple submittal, i.e., by two or more referrers, the employee who made the earliest active referral will receive the reward.
itForte does not guarantee employment to any individual, and reserves the right to change these program rules at any time.
Referral Process
Once you have viewed your search selections and have located a position that you would like to refer a friend for, please mail us the following details:
-          Your details:
o         Full Name
o         Complete address
o         Email id
-          Details of the referred candidate:
o         Job Position Id
o         Job Position Desc
o         Full name of the referred candidate
o         Email Id of the referred candidate
Upon receipt of the above details, you will receive an automated message confirming your referral request.
Please mail your referral requests to