Managed Offshore Services

For small and mid-sized technology companies and start-ups willing to take advantage of educated, low cost and highly skilled workforce available in India, itForte offers a unique cost effective, low investment, low risk and highly scalable offshore managed services model.


Under this unique Build-Operate-Transfer model itForte will provide and manage the entire office infrastructure and help you in recruiting the local team as per your job requirements and selection criteria and manage your HR and payroll processes. Thus you exercise the full flexibility and control in managing your team in India without going through the undue hassles of local company formation, infrastructure management and employee HR functions. You also get the option to monitor your offshore team in real time digital video through internet-enabled IP based systems.



And once your company has achieved the necessary size in terms of business volume and staff strength, attained the confidence about the offshore delivery model and built the necessary expertise in running your offshore centre in India, we can help you in setting up your own facilities in India and will transfer your managed staff to your payroll.


Whether you are looking for a single offshore resource or are planning to set up a multi-functional facility in India, this model will be highly scalable and cost-effective for you. It gives you complete flexibility to choose your team size and pay on per-seat basis without any long term commitment or upfront cost. It is particularly suitable for: 



- Software Development and Testing


- Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)


- Accounting and Taxation Services


- Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)


- Architectural Drafting and Detailing


- Customer Service team


- Medical Transcription Services


- Data Entry, Processing & Management


- Other Back-office outsourcing services 


Given our industry expertise and leadership position in the market, itForte is best placed to offer recruitment, staffing and outsourcing solutions to suit the needs of any organisation in India or any part of the world.  


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