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Onsite IT Support Engineer for Guernsey, Europe
Job ID IT JOBS#212
Location: Guernsey, Europe
Required Skills:
Our client is the largest IT services company in the Channel Islands and offers a comprehensive range of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions & services. 

This position is for onsiite Support Engineer to manage and support their IT assets, OS Imaging, Anti-Virus & Malicious Code, Mobile Device Management, AV & VC Room Support.    

Services and Deliverables:
- Dedicated Field support engineers should be available for on call support for Critical outages / VIP support / Smart hand support.
- Smart hand Support is expected as per Service Levels that will be defined by Partner delivery manager
- Sub-contractor should provide FTE with 1-day Lead-time for planned weekend and holiday requirements and unplanned emergency requirements to be full filled immediately.
- All Onsite Engineers should have completed Dell OEM Certification for End User computing device support. OEM for End user computing devices will be confirmed at the time of transition.
- Sub-contractor will provide technicians with the skills for FTE support (“Technician “) as per Appendix D
- Identified Engineers will be screened and selected by Partner 
- Partner will accept these FTE’s based on their successful completion of a Service Readiness Test (SRT). Subcontractor will have input into test and company provided training requirements. Service readiness test must be completed before go-live with sufficient time to obtain a replacement if necessary.
- All onsite engineers should complete relevant training before on boarding and while on service with customer as per Customer’s training academy requirements. These trainings include: Technical, Domain, Functional, QA processes.
- All onsite engineers should be fully aware of all business operations, IT infrastructure, plant operations and should be well versed with business application process documents, which were created during transition stage.
- All onsite engineers should take up trainings to complete Center of Excellence led certifications, cross culture, leadership, communication and domain trainings.
- Subcontractor will provide a simple tool kit for PC support for each FTE. Toolkits will be defined at transition phase.
- All FTE should have valid mobile phones and number of the same need to be shared with Partner PM. Technician must be contactable after hours for emergency questions. 
- A detailed escalation and emergency process will be defined during transition. 
- VIP support may be needed at home, event (conference, meetings) or remote location support. The same will be identified by company during transition.
- Sub-Contractor should support planned weekend & holiday maintenance activities (e.g. Power down & IMAC)
- Parts Management
- As per activity, Partner along with the subcontractor will conduct a due diligence to identify and discover the parts replacement process for the FTE locations.
Scope of Activities: Summary:
- Desktop hands and feet support
- IMAC support
- Asset refresh
- Asset disposal activity (Excluding physical disposal)
- Hardware break-fix of end-user devices
- Mobile device troubleshooting.
- Conference room support – Audio-Video conferencing room support
- Smart hands support.
- Incident recording and update.
- Liaison with Partner Service desk, L2 and L3 group as needed (mostly applicable for dedicated sites).
- Basic end user training not exceeding 15 minutes
- Third Party / OEM Vendor coordination
Key Activities: 
- Provide onsite support as per site categorization to provide operational and technical support 
- Network & Telecom devices are included in support across all sites under Hands & feet support model.
- Troubleshoot & Resolve Incidents and Problems associated with EUC Equipment and Software, and provide break/fix support, advice, and assistance to Authorized Users
- Coordinate for EUC service related activities with the Service Desk and other resolver teams
- Perform support for application certifications and deployment for end point software.
- Coordinate with third party as necessary to keep Equipment and Software in good working order.
- All dedicated field support engineers should be available for on call support. (after business hour support if required)
- Coordinate the activities of Sub Contractor Personnel and third parties providing Support, including: (i) packing and unpacking; (ii) shipping and receiving; (iii) third party vendor technical interactions, including interactions regarding warranty and procurement based on warranty information provided by <Customer>; and (iv) any other coordination required for Sub contractor’s performance of Services.
- Follow the process and procedure defined in the Service Standards regarding OEM recall notices sent to or provided to Sub Contractor.

- Coordinate, plan and Provide installations, de-installations, cascades, moves, add and changes for all EUC Equipment, Software, and related Services to Client
- Monitor client satisfaction and closely monitor Service Levels throughout the IMAC activity and following the delivery at predetermined intervals.
- Manage the recording and collection of the required inventory information and update the inventory system (or other Client inventory system) 
- With the approval of the Authorized User, back up Authorized User data, re-image End User Computing Devices and restore such Authorized User data to such End User Computing Devices. (e.g., personal preferences drive mappings, etc.)
- Determine if there are any special requirements at the IMAC location(s) and coordinate physical space requirements.
- Confirm correct implementation of the IMAC with the designated Client end user as appropriate.
- Coordinate with third parties (e.g., network administrators, electricians and telecommunication specialists) with respect to changes required by Installation, Move, Addition, Change; (“IMAC”).

Key Responsibilities
Asset Management
- Perform asset tracking of End User Computing devices.
- Provision end user computing devices for new joiners, relocated users.
- Collect end user computing devices from leavers.
- Support user/device relocation and device life cycle activities.
- Adhere to the relevant Client Policies covering the decommissioning of equipment.
- Follow the asset recovery process for <Customer>-identified personnel who will be terminating in accordance with the Service Standards.
- Recover Equipment and data from terminated <Customer> Personnel at <Customer> Facilities from <customer> managers, their delegates or Human Resources.
- Update the status of <customer>’s assets in ITSM System SACM module associated with such terminated <customer> Personnel upon recovery of asset to inventory status.
- Manage end of life assets. Preparing lists of assets to be EOL, sending out communications to those who are using EOL machines, coordinating with users for scheduling appointments for replacement, follow-up with new user to make sure asset is functioning properly, maintain tracker.
- Validate that End User Computing Services are in compliance with warranties, seek guidance from the applicable vendors, if necessary, and comply with such warranties
- Manage on-hand parts Inventory/PC Inventory to sustain SLA’s for warranty or non-warranty device replacement (spares)
OS Imaging
- Maintain EUC devices and install <Customer>’ s approved global standard image and certified software as required by Authorized Users for Service Request, Incident handling and Life cycle events.
- Confirm post-delivery Authorized Users preferences and drive mappings.
- Assist in the testing and validation of changes to the global images, related service packs, monthly patch releases as specified by <Customer> for EUC devices.
- Validate and deliver when necessary service packs, hot fixes, PC health and applied updates for EUC devices in Service response (IMAC, SRQ, and INC) activities.
Anti-Virus & Malicious Code
- Manage and maintain <Customer> provided antivirus, logging and Malicious Code solutions for the End User Computing Devices as part of the End User Computing Services.
- Support End User Computing anti-virus and Malicious Code Incidents and Service Requests.
Mobile Device Management
- MDM- Hands & Feet support for any Mobile device issues.
- MDM- Support iOS and Blackberry equipment utilized by Customer using remote System management tools and local support technicians as needed.
- Maintain, provide issuance of mobile Corporate Owned Devices and the collection of <Customer> Authorized User agreements of these devices (e.g. iPad's, iPhones, Cell Phones, Blackberries) via Service Request processes.
- Manage end user tools (e.g. Blackberry Work and Skype for Business) activations for all regions.
AV & VC Room Support
- Provide Concierge services for audio visual needs
- VC Support - Hands & feet support for Video conference rooms.
- AV Support - Coordinate with Audio Visual equipment vendor for IMAC & Break fix.
- Incident handling for equipment failures; includes vendor management and warranty / non warranty; handling of AV Room health checks, coordination of vendor for service; monitor repair, provide Real-time intervention to any event impairment.
- Perform pre meeting testing and validations within 24 to 48 hours of scheduled event and as necessary be on-site present for the entire duration of event as requested by Authorized User.
- Coordinate the connectivity of multiple end points (cities, region, and location) based on the location span of the <Customer> audience or attendee’s.
- Prepare Speakers for the event and provide best practice audio / visual aids.
- Assist with constructing meeting content (PowerPoint, video stream, web-ex, external video conferencing, webcast, special audio delivery, polling, etc.) when requested by Authorized User.
- Schedule, coordinate external vendor (ex. Web-ex) services in support of Authorized User events.
- Support / arrange preventative maintenance checks from local audio visual vendor.
- Provide Authorized Users training and documentation on how to operate audio visual equipment.
- Provide support services for all Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and display systems.
Print Services
- Coordinate with Client Printer Vendor for hardware break/fix support.
- Facilitate Adds, Moves, Changes and End of Lease replacements of print devices.
Location: Onsite, Eurpoe
Job Type: Permanent & Long Term